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Given five days to find a new carer

desabled Community member Posts: 8 Listener
I WAS LUCKY FOR YEARS TO HAVE ONE MAIN CARER, ABOUT 15 YRS Unfortunately that came to an end and I and others were unceremoniously dumped of a different care compasny, who's office staff, not unusually, in my experience, left  great deal to be desired and last week after a couple of carers said they were leaving, without  discussion gave me the minimum 5 days to find another company to take on my care being somewhat in a hurry to get something oin place i made an error which will cost me a considerable fortunately idid agree it would be on a month's trial basis the point I'm raising is the legal minimum 5 days notice which companies can give, with care virtually on the ration and very much on a first come first served basis for those of us who can't afford to pay a fortune,given the state of social care due to current mis government there surely must be a case for at least doubling the notice period given to clients by  care companies as it heaps even more stress upon the already considerable amount of stress all we disabled experience in an able bodied world best regards to all don't let the bar stewards get you down


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