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Hi, my name is bendigedig!

bendigedigbendigedig Member Posts: 254 Pioneering
I am a 43 yr old man with an Aspergers Diagnosis.

I've been subject to institutional bullying and as a consequence I am looking to connect with others like me who wish to fight back at the establishment.  My keen interest in civil rights and social justice has enabled me to realise the vast multitude of barriers people with " disabilities" face in British society.

My hope is that I will connect with others that, like me, hope to contribute to changing the often corrupt and morrally bankrupt establishment order that we are subjected to.

I am finding that there are many people online who try to stand in oposition of what I am trying to do.   I find this fascinating?  I thought that we lived in a society that promotes equal rights for all.  This patently is not the case.

I think its time that we all spoke out about the injustices that we face and make expectations of our elected representatives etc. To do something to create a "leveller playing field" for us all.

I hope that what I have said rings true with you and that you might feel the same way.

look forward to speaking with you.

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