Autism and Aspergers
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General anaesthetic at the dentist

PaulaMcCPaulaMcC Member Posts: 6 Connected
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Hi my son is 12 years old and is diagnosed with ASD, ADHD (he takes medication), anxiety and learning difficulties.  He is due to get a general anaesthetic to get some dental work.  He went through the whole process last year, it was very difficult, so he knows what's happening.  We were at the hospital 2 weeks ago but after sedation was ineffective (he has a fear of sleeping and fought to stay awake) we had to leave as he was in a real state.  I've asked to leave another appointment until I can work with him and try to reduce his anxiety surrounding the hospital, a big task ahead! Have you any tips on how i can try and reduce his anxiety?  I know the anxiety will start before we leave the house as he can't have any breakfast, explaining why he can't will send him into complete panic mode. Any advice you could give would be really appreciated.  Thanks


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  • VioletFennVioletFenn Member Posts: 124 Pioneering
    Is there any way you could arrange a visit beforehand to run through what will happen on the day? More than once, if at all possible? Just to take the edge off the 'newness' and difference. I would be inclined to ask the hospital or your GP for help with this - they must have had to deal with similar situations before now.

    As an aside, my own son has a terrible time coping with dental work and ended up being transferred to our local NHS dentist as our family surgery simply couldn't cope with him. The new place take a lot of special needs kids and have been brilliant - they let him visit three times and just sit in the chair etc before actually doing any work.
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