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Negative Media

sarahann24 Member Posts: 5 Listener
Has anybody stopped and noticed the amount of welfare-related programmes that have been on the telly recently? Benefit Busters, Skint, On Benefits and Proud, Benefits Britain, Benefit Street? 

They are cleverly designed PROPAGANDA to stoke the fires of an indignant working population who are struggling living under a Tory Prime Minister. Please remember - these people have been carefully chosen. It comes at a time when we are living under austerity and are made to think that we should pay the price for corporate tax evasion, non-dom tax havens and elitist, capitalist bullshit. Social care is being slashed, the NHS is on it's ****, people are actually dying on the streets, yet these programmes are designed to distract us all from what is really happening. 

Welfare cheats? 

You do realise that Child Benefit, Disability Benefit, Working Tax Credit and State Pensions fall under welfare, don't you? You do realise that we are all only a redundancy away from unemployment ourselves, don't you? You do realise that nobody who earns less than a 6 figure salary has any business listening to or voting for a Tory government, don't you? You do know that while people are taking out their frustrations on the poor and desperate, MPs have given themselves an 11% pay rise and Tory Peers are claiming £300 a day for turning up to work and leaving 20 minutes later, don't you?

Do not be brainwashed by these fat cat bastards. Stick together, get them out. I for one want to live in a society that protects the poor, the needy, children, the disabled and the working class. They'd bring back workhouses if they could. Thatcher's children. Divide and Conquer. Don't be fooled by weapons of MASS DISTRACTION.


  • bendigedig
    bendigedig Member Posts: 254 Pioneering

    I was beggining to think that I was the only person who was aware of the GODAWFUL propaganda porridge theve been trying to force feed us!

    I dont pay a TV License any more though..  We dont bother with mainstream TV because of it being full of **** and Propaganda.

    I dont pay the TV license out of principal though mainly.

    The idea that we would Pay for the BBC to pump out the vile **** that it produces these days, especially the crud you so rightly identified regarding the "sprag your neighbour" phenomena and "life on Benefit street" etc.  Its almost as bad as "baliff TV" and the endless stream of diorhea centred around selling off your nannas stafordshire dogs or making money by becoming a slum landlord using the buy to rent method.

    WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?  Are people mental?  Why do they put up with it?  Or is it that like me, they arent actually watching it?  I have to be fair.... I cant imagine anybody watching the dross they stick on now anyway.  Especially when people can access NETFLIX, AMAZON etc.

    Im not over the Saville thing yet.  Theres still a lot more to come out about all of that.  Kincora, Edward Heath, that childrens home in Jersey etc.

    I still want to know how Leon Britan managed to misplace the Parlimentary and establishment Paedophilia file?  Hes totally blameless and innocent though 
    apparently.  Well the dead dont tell stories do they?

    I agree with everything you have said.  There is more to the poor schedules and the horrendous productions they are subjecting us to then many realise.

    I dont think that people are ignorant of this so much as they are apathetic about most things.  The people of Britain need to wake up a bit before they find that its too late to do anything about whats going on.

    The establishment must think that the great unwashed masses are all THICK as Pig muck.  they must if they think they can get away with what weve witnessed in recent years.

    I am encouraging people that have had negative experience of the PIP process to post on this thread pasted below Particularly if their health has been effected.  Please contribute if you can and encourage those who this might be relevant to to contribute  also :)

    "Is PIP fit for purpose"? A welfare process that negatively affects health?

    Its time we called these idiots to account.
  • sarahann24
    sarahann24 Member Posts: 5 Listener
    I will share far & wide thanks for reading bendigedig
  • bendigedig
    bendigedig Member Posts: 254 Pioneering
    Its great to know that there are people out there who are aware of what is happening and who care enough to speak out :).  Its very encouraging to have read your words :)


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