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nannydebbie Member Posts: 41 Connected
when i had my assessment report back all the assessor going repeating was i smoke and iv a book for coloring its a relaxation coloring book she stated i sit for 30 mins a day doing this i cant even sit for 30 mins she said so my dexterity is fine so by saying this she states i can can prepare cook a meal even if i could cut and prepare wich i cant told her i wont use a microwave as scared as last one caught fire also she stated she saw me lift grab my stick from floor which she knocked over hubby picked stick up for me so many unreal truths in assessment do i state all this in appeal had a mr but still refused points on many things i only scored 6 but when i added points up i should have been awarded at least 14 


  • Mol
    Mol Member Posts: 52 Connected
    Hi on the reconsideration you need to point out all the untruths, DWP are already aware of the lies the assessors tell but still insist on using this corrupt system. Its up to us to keep telling DWP about the lies until they come up with a new system that helps people not hindered them because of lies.
  • BenefitsTrainingCo
    BenefitsTrainingCo Member Posts: 2,628 Pioneering
    Hello. The important thing is to get some face to face advice if possible on how to prepare your case for an appeal, and to make sure you don't run out of time to request an appeal. Check the date on your mandatory reconsideration letter to see when your deadline is for requesting an appeal. Then give the Scope helpline a call on 0808 800 3333, as they will be able to give you information about local advice services which might be able to help you with your appeal. You may also need to think about who you can ask to give you some supporting evidence, such as your GP, consultant, therapist or similar - someone who knows you and your condition, and can give some detailed information about which of the activities and descriptors apply to you. Many people are unsuccessful with their mandatory reconsideration request but successful at the appeal stage, so don't give up!
    Hope this helps.

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  • MLogan
    MLogan Member Posts: 8 Listener
    OMG Nannydebbie,I had the same awful experience with my f2f assr for me to post all about it Id be writing a book many many lies in my report,said my son comes to my home once a month he drives here to pick me up and brings me to his home and I look forward to it.My son dont drive or hold a licence,I have a good memory I was able to tell her all my medications,she typed all of this down from the medical letter I gave her as proof of ID certain exercises she said she done with me she had not done the only thing Id mentioned to her was my blood BP medication had been increased, easy to remember because my docs could nt control it I had to attend many nurse appointments to have it checked it wouldnt stabilise so told to see GP increased my medication still checked still high,the nurse said it can take a while day after my f2f had it checked and it had settled down.I was going through this inhumane humiliating process at the time.I had my decision which I did not agree with,lies lies lies.I asked for an MD lucky for me it was awarded.I wrote a letter to send to ATOS but because of all the bloody trauma I was too scared to send it in fear of them trying to discredit the decision.Something needs to change do these organisations think we enjoy being sick and are over the moon about it.I no for a fact everyone on here never had the thought..I cant wait to grow up and be sick so I can claim benefits.Makes me so angry.I cant stop thinking of everyone on here that are going through this process at the moment so bloody unfair and cruel.


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