Feeling isolated

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Hello to you all.


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    Hello @mandylyon welcome to the community, do you want to tell us a bit more about yourself?
  • mandylyon
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    Hi Everyone, l am new to this group, well actually a year but have never plucked up the courage before to write anything. Well here goes. I am 55 and have had to live on benefits for the last few years due to severe arthritis. I miss working so much. These days I never see anyone and can feel so isolated. Being on strong medication l find it hard to get out. I am also a brittle diabetic. And suffer with depression.Sorry for the long intro.
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    Welcome (back!) to the community, @mandylyon- great to meet you!

    I'm so sorry to hear things are tough at the moment. We're a friendly bunch here on the community so do get involved with discussions, and if we can be of any assistance, just let us know.