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My unsuitable housing

Hi im 52 and suffer fibromyalgia, I' live in a first floor flat I have a steep flite of stairs inside my flat I have to go up.I have had social reports made I've had housing in and told them I have been housebound for 3 years I have fallen down the stairs I can't have adaptions as no room .I I was put in band c then had an assessment  by social care who said I couldn't live here as there were many problems I got a letter bk say I've moved up one band and that if I'm prepared to take a one bedroom they will put us higher.I live with a partner in two bedroom property and as we don't sleep together we need a two bedroom  so I am stuck here.I also have prolonged depression  and it has made my condition worse not being able to go out I have no on homes wrapper I'm registered with council and moat housing.please any advice would be a great help     Kim o'connor 


  • aries
    aries Member Posts: 46 Connected
    Hi Kim, the only advice I could give is to go above the council. Get a list of all housing associations in your area. Some will be specifically for, for example people with learning difficulties, but others are for people with disabilities. Go it on your own, they were very helpful for me and I did get rehoused. Worth a try
  • Debbie_Alumni
    Debbie_Alumni Member Posts: 932 Pioneering
    Hi @mummykim1,

    It's good to hear that you've been moved up a band but it sounds as though it's still going to be a long wait for a two bedroom property. It's interesting that you've been offered a higher banding if you accept a one bedroom property. I'm not quite sure how losing a bedroom can give you a higher banding. Maybe there is a bigger supply of one bedroom properties in your area?

    Which council is this? I'd like to look up their allocations policy.

    Of course it's good that they're willing to place you higher if you can sacrifice a bedroom which would mean that potentially you get to move quicker but it's a big decision to make. Is this even an option that you would consider if the right one bedroom property came up? Not that I'm suggesting you accept, but with housing I think it's important to weigh up all options. You've already done all the right things in terms of registering with the council, Moat housing and Homeswapper.

    If you want to talk this through a bit more please let me know.

    All the best
  • SeanRyan
    SeanRyan Member Posts: 66 Connected
    Hi @mummykim1. I am also 52 and I also live on the first floor. I have MS. Up until two days ago My council couldn't even find my postcode. Even though they pay my housing benefit. and send council tax demands. Go above the council is the right advice. Good luck with your case I know its hard and the wait is a long one but never give up and remember there is always support here


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