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I have just one week to put my mandatory reconsideration letter together .I have asked for the assembled assessment report from the DWP ,rang again to remind them.and nothing.Surely it goes against procedure if you're not given the evidence fully.Am I not fighting  with a fair and opposition. As you know you need the ammunition.


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    You can request the MR and tell them you will be submitting further evidence they should allow you four weeks to do so

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    @clangers, I rang DWP after getting my decision and, without asking, I was given a new date 4 weeks from that phone call to do my MR letter. This is what @CockneyRebel means. You need to ring again on Monday and ask for more time to do your MR. You should be told an exact date in 4 weeks time. Also get the name of the person you speak to and check the time and date of your phone call and record all that information to cover yourself. Tell them that they did not send your assessment report when you asked for it and check it's on it's way and that this is why you need more time to do your MR. You really need to do this because if you do your MR without seeing your assessment report you won't know what you're arguing against. 
                  When you do get around to doing your MR letter make sure you write at the top "Mandatory Reconsideration" and your name and NI number. Send any further evidence in the same envelope.  
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    Hello Clangers

    I understand that the DWP have extended the time for wildlife, however a Mandatory Reconsideration should be requested within 1 month of the date of the decision letter.  I also understand how frustrating it must also be that you cannot put a case together without the full information from the DWP. You could however make a simple MR request and state that further grounds will follow once you have received a copy of the medical assessment.  

    Maria Solomon