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Hi, my name is helenclark2017!


  • Sam_Alumni
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    Hi @helenclark2017 welcome to the community, do you want to tell us a bit more about yourself?
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  • helenclark2017
    helenclark2017 Member Posts: 4 Listener
    I am a 54 year old female who works full time as a support worker for young adults with severe challenging beahaviours. I was ill in April with pneumonia and had other viruses at same time i was really ill off work 4 weeks went back to work phased at first then normal duties but with help from others as i am unable to rush walk far or anything really. i am having tests at the moment with the cardiologist ECG Echocardiogram just waiting for results so was told to make sure some one is with me at all times x

  • steve51
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    Hi @helenclarke

    A very big welcome to you it's great to meet you.

    Please please jump in and let me know if I can help you !!!!!!!!


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