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Mind over matter

I'm 51 and just found this site.For the last ten years I've had Ddd in c4-c7.I was a qualified nurse third generation but haven't been able to work due to the level of pain that I'm in.I lost my house my car my job and my son went to live with his father aged thirteen my daughter had already left home.I managed to get a basement flat.I at times was in so much pain I suffered psychosis and became very isolated.Most of the time now I have many coping mechanisms but the one thing I've found its the point of loneliness which really brings to the fore to me just how much pain I'm in and how difficult everything is.I have lost touch with all my friends bar one.I am on opiates but take as little as I can so I'm not asleep all the time.I often think I might have more peace if I was just totally numb but I try mind over matter and keep as busy as I can for as long as I physically can so I can at least do the basics.Does anyone else have to cope like this?


  • loopyt
    loopyt Member Posts: 80 Courageous
    Hi Alison, you are not alone x it is so very difficult to remain positive when suffering chronic pain and my heart goes out to you that you are trying to cope alone. Have you tried the pain clinic? X
  • alison121
    alison121 Member Posts: 2 Listener
    Thankyou so much yes I have but I was a whistle blower at the hospital where I worked and it was the psychotherapist in the pain clinic who told me I couldn't go back to work there so I never returned x I will go back to my gp I think they have forgotten me and get a pain medication revue it's just doing it.When you are like this you put everything off x
  • loopyt
    loopyt Member Posts: 80 Courageous
    I would definitely go back to your GP and maybe he could refer you to a different hospital. Well done for taking action if things were not right. Are there any local groups that you could join? Did you have any hobbies before you became ill?x


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