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A new audio soap opera for the visually-impaired

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Hello, great to meet you all!

My wife and I (Al and JJ) write, produce and voice an audio Soap Opera called Levimay Park. The show is in its very early stages, but we are hoping to gain a following as the show continues.

One thing that was very apparent to us in its creation was that it is a very unique concept that is rarely ventured. Due to its audio charm, it is a very descriptive show that can be appreciated without the visual aid that shows such as Coronation Street, Eastenders, and all the other popular soaps currently use on television.
Charity work is something we are both extremely interested in, but as we are currently unable to offer financial aid to such a brilliant cause such as what you support, we thought that we could offer our creativity instead.

The show is free to listen to, and is easily accessible on the link that we will leave at the bottom of this post.
Whether this is of any interest to you or not, we are not sure. We felt it would be a kind gesture to enable those who suffer with visual impairment to have a show that is almost tailor-made to support their needs. 
We hope this correspondence gets across the message we are trying to put out there, or, can at the very least, be enjoyed!
Thank you so much for your time,

Here is a link to the episodes. Please be sure to listen to the episodes in order as there is continuity!

Al and JJ


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