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pip catcher

Hi as we know the people who do the benefit lie so this is what to do buy a cctv clock and have it in the living room also have one at the top of your stairs. So you will have proof when they said you whwre able to go ip the stairs with no issues as well as proof of what they said and what went on in the living room. If they lie you can show the appeals broad the cctv footage. This is a way to proof they lied


  • mikehughescq
    mikehughescq Posts: 8,838 Connected
    Good to see a bit of innovation but from a tribunal perspective it won’t carry much weight. Both DWP and the panel will rightly point out that you know you’re being filmed and could have moderated your behaviour accordingly. They’re not saying you’re lying. Just that such evidence would not be conclusive either way. 

    Also, the burden of proof is the “balance of probabilities”. A decent claim form with anecdotal examples of your issues with good supporting evidence (medical or otherwise) filling in gaps; dealing with contradictions and verbal evidence from yourself on the day which is consistent with everything else submitted will usually be more than sufficient. 
  • pip_catcher
    pip_catcher Member Posts: 2 Listener
    This is the thing they don't look at the full medic and they have put in the report you can do this and you can do that. Which they have been found to be lies and did you know they use cctv watching you coming in to thr building and leaving so for anyone can have a home visit they can have this up and running in there home. As a protection so home security so you are watching them carrying out there medic check and as what they say and on there report this will show they are wrong as this has happen to many of people on dla and lost the benefit to pip so as they said you need proof in what they do now you have it as we all know the pip have lied to get people off the benefit. This will show that what they lied on there report as the government is cheating people out of there benefit and the company that do pip


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