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I'm word must get more sleep

cathie Member Posts: 143 Courageous
I'm so tired  sleep is a major issue but gotta share this  so sitting here 2 50 in the morning  by my self. Laughing outv loud not even little quite chuckkle   keep  thinking wot must people have thought  got to job centre coat kept wrapapping it's self around my crutches paper work in plastic bag hurting just want rest against some thing  so fighting cost crutches  now plastic bag got so badly tangled  panic set in .  Distressed needed help. Then I'm surpose to be there 13 55. Iv some how read 3 55..   Don't look stupid enough at this point tyres to rest in chair  ended up crutches went one way   plastic bag landed on a desk abruptly scared the people  sat there massive bunch of keys some how fly out of my hand control and smack the security man in the head.   Not impressed  them friend comes over I recognise the man's face that just passed said to my mate oh there's the nice guy I talk about named Bob  some reason I'm very loudly calling and waving oh Bob. How r you Bob really miss having you as my assessment  guy  so he's looking like I'm local escapie  I think he's winding me up shouting Bob Bob you always were a joker .  Once he's past by I realise he's not Bob at all .  I clearly looked like   local head case  laughing uncontrollably  realised many people stopped and were starring  at me  made me laugh so much more no idea  how series of event your  never ever gonna see or feel again took place .red in face  highly embarressesd. Now come and tell me uhh had a bad day... really wanted ground to open and swallow  me .. but just had me laughing like a head case .. how did i get three today.  Wow 
Only me .. cathie..


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