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Lost pip help please

maximusmeridius Member Posts: 5 Listener
recently took my family member for a pip assesment and he recived no points even tho he uses an aid to move about can not cook or take his own meds can not travel on public transport due to behavour issues has epilepsey severe learning dificulties and a prolaps disc in his lower back and has been in special schools all his life lived on mental wards in hospitals lived in special care homes for the disabled can not fully dress him self can not go out alone has to be phisically helped in and out of the shower and even soils him self from time to time and can not manage his daily affares or budget and is totally disabled and with medical records to prove it he was born with brain damage threw substance abuse and was premeture and has had a terrible life and was awarded DLA for life as a child. the form stated all this information  and in how your sickness affects you also.and to the assesor in the interview me as his carer answered all the questions as he is not very good at interacting with people and can lose control if put under pressure . Now the assesment came back like they where talking about the wrong person and scored no points what so ever when the answers to the questions should of got high points in every catagory . He can not cook a meal for him self .or wash properly he can not manage his treatments or care or travel alone or make decisions and can be dangerous to him self and others and they said there was nothing wrong with him and that in there opinun he could do every last 1 of these things and did not qualify for pip it almost feels like they are talking about the wrong person they even said he walked out with a swagger the man uses a stick and can not walk more than 10 feet without agony and having to stop . We are at a total loss and do not understand how he can get no points when he clearly and on paper can not do any of these things he has now gone in to a deppression and his siezures have got worse and the whole family are having a terrible time we are going to ask for reconcideration on the grounds that we have stated on the forms he can not do any of this stuff stuff from day to day and they have ignored everything that has been put down on the form and to the assesor and by the doctor and gave un fair point score . Thanks for your time any help or advice would be great .regards 

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  • wildlife
    wildlife Member Posts: 1,308 Pioneering
    edited December 2017
    @maximusmeridius Yet another case of blatant lies on an assessment report. I completely despair as to how these assessment companies are getting away with this time and time again with no-one doing anything about it. They're snowed under with complaints most of which are flatly denied. Please can I ask you to take a moment to contact ICO who regulate the Data Protection Act and report your family member's report as being data that is incorrect and should not be held and used against him. This is nothing to do with his eligibility and will not affect his claim. They may say you have to go through the complaint procedure first for the organization who is failing to record data in a correct and honest manner but the more people who report this the better. You can also do a Mandatory Reconsideration and a complaint to the assessment provider would also help this to be seen as something you're not happy with. Your relative is fortunate to have a loving, caring family many vulnerable people have no-one to help turn things around. The government are doing another review into how the system is working and hopefully things will change, the sooner the better.    
  • maximusmeridius
    maximusmeridius Member Posts: 5 Listener
    Thanks mate we can not understand it unbelivable 


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