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Hi, my name is Pash68!

Hi everyone, have joined up as am hoping for a bit of advice or even just some help understanding ESA / PIP assessments. I have been on ESA higher rate for 2 years and I applied for PIP in Oct 2016. Was sent for an assessment which I failed. I appealed and in April was awarded higher rate daily living by the Tribunal for 10 years. I have a lifelong disability which the tribunal recognised cannot 'get better' and which they stated on the Decision Notice makes my day to day life 'severely limited'. Yesterday I received a letter from the Health Assessment Advisory Service calling me to an assessment for my ESA. I do not understand why I should be assessed for ESA if a tribunal has recognised the effects of my disability on my ability to manage my daily living and has given me a 10 year award....surely they can hardly fail me at the ESA assessment if a PIP tribunal has already acknowledged my disability and the effect it has on my life? Can anyone explain this as I am finding it quite confusing.


  • CockneyRebel
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    Hi Pash and welcome

    PIP and ESA work on different criteria. It may seem that they are similar but there are differences which is why you are being called for assessment.
    PIP is about functionality whereas ESA is about your ability (or not ) to work.

    Until recently ESA claimants could be called for review at any time, for people in the SG this was usually every three years but some have been defered due to backlog. However, in september there was a change brought in whereby some claimants in the SG with life long conditions will no longer be called for assessment following their next review. If this applies to you then your next decision letter will notify you of this


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  • steve51
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    Hi @Pash68

    Good afternoon & welcome to our community/family!!!!!!

    Please please let me know if you are still having problems with your benefits and I will treat to help you????

    Many thanks.


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