I was wondering if I can claim any benefits

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I was wondering if I can  claim any benefits as I'm partially sighted and has depression. I work but finding it hard to keep my contravtion going, so I can't keep my jobs as I have had three in the last six  months.

I just want some advice don't won't be a nuisance.



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    Hello Caroline @Harris72 and a warm welcome to the community. We're very glad to have you and very, very glad if we are able to help you in any way. You are among friends here and no-one is going to consider you a nuisance. You and your concerns, whatever they may be, matter to us.
    To establish what benefits you might be entitled to, it might be useful to try the benefits calculator here. Please give it a try and perhaps let us know how you get on.
    Others, too, will respond to your post, including, I'm sure, one of our excellent benefits advisors, so please bear with us and they will be in touch as soon as possible.
    In the meanwhile perhaps you could tell us a little more about yourself and how your condition/s affect you? The better we get to know you, the more easily we may find ways to be of service to you.
    Very, very glad to hear from you,
    Here and listening,
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    Hello @Harris72 and welcome to the community.

    In general if you cannot work you would be eligible to some form of benefits, this can be affected on how you lost your last job - if  you gave your notice in or was sacked and if you have a partner and how much they earn.

    You might also benefit from talking to an employment advisor.  If you have been working full time you may benefit from looking for part time work, also you might find it useful to find out if employment could be made more sustainable through reasonable adjustments. It may be possible to adjust your breaks to help with your concentration. This could be by breaking up your break times, for example in many places they allow a small break in the mornining and afternoon with an hour break for lunch, so losing part of your lunch time and adding these to your other breaks, or even an additional break in the afternoon might help.

    You do not mention the type of work you do, but if for example you you are working on computers all day some very simple adjustments to your work station and screen can make a huge difference. Especially with this type of work there are some simple ways to make it easier on yourself if this is the type of work you do.

    Scopes employment advisors might be able to offer you some advice - supporttowork@scope.org.uk or you can call them on 0300 222 5742

    You can find out more at 
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    Hi @Harris72, welcome to the community!

    As mentioned above, the online benefits calculator is a good place to start- have a go, and do come back to us with any questions.