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Dysmotility please help

Blossom223 Member Posts: 6 Listener

I have hEDS, and M.E. I know both of these conditions can cause dysmotilitiy. And that hEDS, can even cause paralysis of GI organs. 

For months I haven’t been able to eat more than tiny snacks a day because of sickness, bloating, fullness, and pain. I also haven’t been able to go to the toilet for 2-3 weeks at a time, and even then it is a small amount brought upon by laxatives. For the past month or so it has gotten extremely unbearable and I am barely eating or drinking anything. I have lost almost a stone in this time. I am constantly impacted and doctors will not do anything but give me Movicol which is something I know does not work for me. I am not being offered any other treatment. 111 told me to go to A&E straight away last week because the pain was so severe, and A&E wouldn’t do anything because in their words i “wasn’t about to die”. I have tried to get help from my GP, and GI too and neither will help. Please help me I am desperate. I have tried everything. The underlying cause of these issues isn’t being looked at, I have searched none stop for days to try and find someone who will help me and I can’t. I have no one to get treatment from. The only time they will help is if I get malnourished, severely dehydrated or if I get a bowel obstruction. I shouldn’t have to wait until I’m very ill to get help.



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