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Ghostly experiences!!!

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I am a logical and intelligent individual and despite having mental health issues they play no part in what I am about to say, I do wonder if there is something in this experiencing of things 'not of this world'.

Back in 1969 as a 21 year old I lived on the family farm. My Grandfather died suddenly next to me in the farmhouse. Some weeks later whilst watching the television one evening with my dad and the family dog. I felt a cold chill around the back of my neck and the dog shot under my chair whimpering. I then heard and saw the handle of the door to the stairs to my late grandfather's bedroom move, the door opened about halfway followed by a creaking as though someone was walking up the stairs. The chill then disappeared and it took a good 5 minutes to persuade the dog to come out from under my chair.
My father who was sat in the adjacent chair looked at me and I said "did you feel and hear all of that?" He agreed with me that it was not my imagination. Nothing ever happened again and a few years later we sold the farm to a developer.
My father died in December 2013 and following the death of my mother in 2003 he spent a lot of time with my wife and I so that he had company. He lived 300 miles away and I would every 6 weeks or so go and pick him up. One of my twin daughters he always said reminded him so much of my mum both in looks and in mannerisms. Anyhow following his death both my wife and I have experienced fleeting glances of him walking past open door ways, seeing the guest bedroom light go on and off, hear bumps and bangs from the guest bedroom. I also smelled the aroma of his pipe both in the hallway and the kitchen regularly and that some pictures on the wall regularly became lopsided (I blamed my wife for that!). We both had feelings that there was someone else in the house. Over the past 6 weeks or so the bumping and banging in the guest bedroom became more common so much so that last week I went in the loft to see if something had fallen over.

We then had a telephone call this morning from my daughter (the one my father said reminded her of mum) telling us what happened in the middle of the night. Apparently she was asleep when she woke up feeling it very cold around her back and neck to the noise of the bedroom door handle moving. The door opened gently and she felt something brush past her. No sooner had that feeling gone, the coldness disappeared. The first thing she said to me was that Gramps came to see her last night. My daughter is 38, an intelligent and sensible girl.

She knew nothing of my experience back in 1969, yet both instances were very similar.

Is there something in it I don't know but I know that some things cannot be explained. 


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