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constant pain down left side from rta,

trixiewoo Member Posts: 5 Listener
Hi, I was in a bad rta in 2000 where my left side was badly damaged. I now have numbness to my face which feels like I have just left the dentist, neck pain which gets worse with movement. shoulder arthritis, Left knee instability and arthritis and ankle arthritis which feels like some one keeps sneaking up on me and stabs me in the ankle! I do not like to take pain killers as when I did I just had to keep taking more and more because as I did more it  caused more pain, so more pain killers! I now try to follow what my body says , so if it hurts i stop doing it and rest.  I am getting more and more stressed about it all which is making my mental health worsen. I simply don't know what to do , my doctor only talks about one thing at a time and no one treats the whole me. 


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