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''Feet sending wrong signals to the brain syndrome''

Girlhappy Member Posts: 9 Listener
The shin bones in my right foot started moving nearly 9 years ago and then they started moving on my left foot about 7 years ago. All 4 shin bones are sitting at the top of my feet,and grinding on my femur, my shin bones are swollen, and rubbing on my nerves, and other feet bones.  My doctor won't examine me anymore, i'm on 8 paracetamol, 8 tramadol and 10 gabapentin a day.and i'm still in complete agony. some days i have to crawl around cos it's too sore to stand. My doctors diagnosis is ''feet sending wrong signals to the brain'' Most days i just want to get an axe and chop my feet off. My doctor has told me, if he catches me using a wheelchair, he would stop my pain relief. I'm just wondering where my shin bones will end up, before my doc takes action. Has anyone else got this condition? I also have spinal stenosis in the c3/c4 disc. 


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