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Hi Just thought  I would let you all no my outcome of universalcredit claim .be prepared to be robbed move to full uc area 8 weeks ago .on contrbution based esa. Support group recieved £444 per month Husband on private pension £377 per month. Housing benefit £320 per month Total per month£1.141  .well remain on contrbution based Esa support group along side uc husband put through ringer as to send fit notes now awaiting some form to assess wether he's Eligible for uc support group this can take 13 weeks.sof here's what we ended up with one the uc £498 standard element for couple.+350 housing element add these together £848 now take off £377 pension+£479 contrbution based Esa they work it out to include 5 week months over the year this is then added together  £856  take this away from your total elements  £7 bloody pound Difference so No housing element  loss of 3 nearly £320 no rent payed for last 6 weeks in private let .what is going on surely this will put every one on streets.59 year's old waspi women care worker for 35 years.Husband 64 gas board from leaving  school.Both Have several Arthritis.this universalcredit is worse than victorian times.everyone will be camping in parks, fields, Don't think labour will be able to fix things either the flood gated havery well and truly opened.


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    @ Karennova,hello and welcome to the cumunity, thank you for sharing your UC story and being honest in sharing your personnel financial details of the claim. It is only by people like yourselves giving full disclosure of you journey moving over to UC and trying to remain in ESA support group. Having you both worked all your lives saved a bit for your retirement pay your bills ect now put into a poverty situation and moving into debt through no fault of your own the benefit UC has to be looked at as it's costing more to run than it saves and not as many are getting into work as was hoped . Keep posting Karennova as this story needs to be followed for weeks and months to come.


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