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Help on get right help 2 get learning disability assessment

Kellans38Kellans38 Member Posts: 10 Listener
His really need help as years of fighting  different people  and failed me so much  all I need is help seem I never had right support  and had Adocacy 4 years on so many  things that r not been sorted it's 2 a point  damage  is done with a lot of things but I no what the doing to me not right I have a support  worker but she getting  no where and it's makein me I'll with what there  doing to me I have just been seen by learning disability  and once again  been fob of when I need help every department of the Local authority r doing  really  bad thing wht I no not yet but years of trying  to get my voice heard and learning disability  team come back  with the wrong answer   they  have been asked and letter have  been sent to tdy get me assement on my learning different and had got letterssaying byback from 2006 about tablet 2 be given to help my memory not every got help from anyone because seem they dont want 2 get me help i need it stopping before i have a break down 2 not have a washer cooker and all other things i was promies and treated like this from. people u ment to get help of i am been left no matter where i go what i do oh my worker trying she getting no wherd at all attack and die and this is to a point my health  problems with what going on I have lost everything  my girl at 15 because  they just will not help her on mental health  I was left in a house  months where  it was that damp and no heating and left where my girl at harm 4 years later  still there till I lost everything  I had with the floods and how there trating me because  they no I can't get help and support workers no its like I am being targeted and harss by everyone who u think should  help that been left at harm and police doing things that wrong and shut down  and it's still happen and now got I'll health and lost everything and still bein neglected  by all of people  wht u should trust not from level of complex  with all this going on at once and can't  get help at all to get it stop 


  • thespicemanthespiceman Member Posts: 6,408 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @Kellans38 I thought I would like to help in some way. I am sorry if you have not ever received a reply to a lot of things that seem to me to be happening.

    First thing I am sorry that you are having a tough time and thank you for sharing. All I can offer is myself some points of interest if I can.

    Advocacy for yourself you have that. I believe. Just bear with me. I am just a old fashioned gentleman who is a bit confused. Trying to be supportive and helpful.  With sensitivity and kindness.

    Why is not that working ?. Has it working or do you need some one else to advise and be supportive.  Understand I ask this because I know once had similar issues with some support I had. Felt undervalued and nothing was happening.

    So I asked the support for clear, precise details of what exactly she question mark she was doing for me.   Which I had written down. In my humble opinion is it working for you.

    If it is not then you need to speak to some one in the department usually a team manager. Not being heard try to ask for a review of your issues and problems.

    Understand some of what you are saying. Trying and hoping that you probably could do with some one else just a suggestion.

    I have found a lot of councils and related departments the job and the positions they hold are becoming over burden and under funded and lots of the people who also work there are stressed.

    So I know that is a matter of fact and there is no excuse for the way you have been treated.  Sometimes we need to take a step back. Look why am I not getting the advice, information. No one is listening.

    No one wants angry, annoyed and emotional people to deal with. I know I am one and now have to resort to know now try to be calm and reasonable. Try to be pleasant and do a different approach. If I can.. No point ranting and raving if becoming like this. Who is going to listen. 

    That is me.  Understand not here to patronise you and wish not to I hope I am not.

    Hope that helps. Maybe try to resolve a lot of your issues and problems. Need the right sort of support As I have tried to explain.  Could be some sort of therapy or counselling and maybe your Doctor might offer some solutions.

    Understand have been there as many of our community have.  I know there will be others.

    Wish you the best and success and am here to listen.  If you wish to .

    Please respect me with any answers to anything you wish to reply to. As I have done today.

    Take care

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