Self employment through Ltd company on ESA

Serendwr Community member Posts: 6 Connected
I was wondering how becoming self employed through setting up an Ltd company would affect my Esa. I know about the hours and the allowed payment. I am also aware it could cause a reconsideration  But I've been offered an opportunity to become a subcontractor in recruitment that I can do from my bed and around my fatigue. I'm unlikely to be doing any more than 2—4 hrs a week. But want to see if it is something I can do without damaging my health and could potentially get me off of ESA. I'm unlikely ever going to be looking at going over 16hrs per week to qualify for working tax credits, so that's not an issue. I would also like to know what if I exceed the £125.50 limit in a week (after tax etc.. ) do I a) get my Esa means tested? BLoose esa for that week? C) loose benefits all together.
I am planning to book a appointment to get disability advisor support but they haven't been able to answer the last 3 questions so I recon the Ltd self employed will blow their mind! I will also have use of an account. I've also trawled through the DWP website, entitled to benefits and work and the forum here to no avail! Many thanks Fran