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Hi, my name is frankie1 and I need to let off steam.

frankie1 Community member Posts: 1 Listener
Hello all, my name is Frankie and my world is falling apart. My 31 year old daughter  has two rare Neurological conditions that started six and a half years ago. After the first condition was diagnosed she left her partner taking her15 month old daughter with her. She developed another neurological condition one year later.
i must be honest and say that adult Social Care were/are great and arranged direct payments to help her employ personal assistants to enable her to stay independent and raise her daughter. She is a terrific mum and lives for her daughter, my grandchild. Like most people with disabilities she has undergone a lot of surgery and pain but still comes out smiling.
Her Ex partner’s mother has worked for a law firm for over 30 years and her son is very much a mummy’s boy. Over the years my daughter has consistently been threatened with court action should she ever tried to get full custody of my granddaughter. 
Her Ex agreed to look after the child while my daughter had more surgery in the summer of 2016 While she was in Hospital her Ex along with his mother and shamefully her own father conspired to remove her daughter from school and enrol her to a different school near her father’s home.
He refused to return the child to her mother, my daughter, and for the next year or so my daughter seen her daughter whenever it suited him. Whenever she had to return to her father’s she would be inconsolable and would plead with her mum not to force her to go. It was very upsetting for them both.
In January of this year her ex changed my Granddaughters doctors without consulting with my daughter. It was at the beginning of February this year when my grandfather was staying with her mother, who she adores, that she was unwell with a tummy bug and it was agreed she was best to stay at her mums. during this time she  time she revealed, not for the first time, that her step mother was physically and verbally abusive to her. She always seemed to be suffering from UTIs and reoccurring Thrush. 
I took my Granddaughter to the new GP as she was showing signs of Thrush. The GP gave her the required medicated cream.
As she was still unwell my daughter told her ex that she was better off where she was. He was not happy.

One day later my daughter received a phone call from the GP asking for my granddaughter to return to the surgery for swabs to be taken as she’d had too many infections (UTIs and Thrush) for a child.
i took my Granddaughter to the surgery. There were two doctors present and they asked various questions. My granddaughter told them of physical abuse from the stepmother and possible sexual abuse from the 11 year old stepbrother. I told the doctors that we had been to a solicitor a week earlier to put the wheels in motion to obtain orders to protect the child as we believed she was at risk.

My daughter called her ex and was screaming down the phone to him about their daughter’s claims, he seemed unconcerned. My daughter’s solicitor was very concerned.

The following day my daughter was served with a no notice order from the courts to return the child to her father. His mother as I said before worked in family law had managed to apply for Prohibited steps order and Child arrangement Order within hours that were granted on the basis of the blatant lies that were stated. 
His mother knew exactly what to put down on the form that would secure her son having my Granddaughter returned to her father.
They accused my daughter of plotting to abduct her young daughter to Ireland where she has family ( she hasn’t) that she takes drugs (she does but only prescribed ones) that she had introduced various partners to her young daughter (she hasn’t of course, she’s had two relationships in six years) and last but not least that she was mental and incapable of looking after her daughter due to her Neurological disabilities.
My daughter involved the Police and yet again my granddaughter told them about the abuse she had disclosed to the doctors. My daughter refused to hand back her daughter until the abuse was investigated. She was told by the RSPCC that if she handed her daughter over to the ex that she could be charged with neglect due to the abuse allegations that her daughter has made and that to put her back in the place where the abuse had supposedly taken place was not acceptable.

Unfortunately a police officer and a social worker turned up at my daughter’s home and said that they were taking my Granddaughter to a impartial place of safety. The place of safety believe it or not was the Paternal Grandmother. The very woman that had abused her position working for a law in order to get orders based on lies.
Try to cut a very long story short.

1 The Social Services that were contacted by the GP practice opened and closed the case within three days,
2 That my daughter is not allowed any contact direct or otherwise as she might abduct her daughter to Ireland. (complete rubbish)
3 That my daughter is mentally unstable.
4 That due to her Neurological conditions she is not fit to look after her daughter.

My daughter has provided all that was asked of her by the  Ex’s solicitor.

1 A letter from her GP stating that she suffers from two neurological conditions and was under a London Hospital for the management of them.
That she suffered from anxiety and was taking a therapeutic dose of Sertraline due to the stressful situation.

2 Her full medical records.

3 Her care plan from the local Authority that states very clearly that my granddaughter needs are being met by her mother and that they had no concerns.

4 A letter from her Neurologist stating that her conditions did not affect her ability to look after her child.

5 Letters from two of her PAs stating that she is a great mum and it is her that looks after her daughter, not them.

Then we discover that.

1 The Ex is paying no legal fees due to his mother being good friends with the solicitor that is representing the Ex as well as being her PA.

2 That on the applications to the courts they did not disclose the involvement of Social Services.

3 The Social Worker that closed the case in three days is a personal friend of the woman that started all this, the  Ex’s mother.
At no time has anyone from Children’s Social Services been to see me or any of my family.

4 My daughter is not allowed to produce any evidence at court, including what his solicitor requested or proof regarding the accusations that were made about me in the court applications.

5 My daughter’s  received anonymous messages taunting and threatening me should she continue with the court action.

6 Now they want her to have a full  psychiatric test done for no reason as the matter has already been addressed.

7 Both Cafcass reports wanted contact between my daughter and her daughter to resume ASAP but yet again her ex is refusing this. Cafcass visited my Granddaughter at school last week and they reported that my Granddaughter said that the stepmother was mean to her and that she didn’t feel safe in the house. She was said to be sobbing that she wants to be with her mummy. 

My daughter still has Parental responsibility of her child for now. Even my solicitor cannot believe what’s going on.
She has been refused to even send her daughter a letter. 

Everone including professionals do not understand how they are getting away with directly discriminating against my daughters  disabilities. People keep saying “they can’t do this” but the have/are. 

My daughters Ex is adamant that my Granddaughter is not to see or speak to her mother now or in the future.

We are distraught as a family, we cannot continue to fund a Solicitor especially as the Ex’s solicitor is determined to drag matters out. We can’t afford to appeal so now we have resigned ourselves to never seeing our granddaughter/daughter until she is at least sixteen years old.

The Ex’s Solicitor even remarked, about my daughter, that having to have part of her hair shaved off for surgery would cause  granddaughter distress ( it wouldn’t).
My daughter brought up her daughter for six and a half years as a single parent, why have they now decided she’s unfit because of her disabilities.

My Granddaughter is in a house where she is at risk yet no one will listen to her and they accuse her of being a liar.

I'm so sorry to have written such a long letter but I honestly never believed that this treatment takes place and yet no one is accountable.

So if anyone knows a good human rights Lawyer that is looking for a challenge ( pro bono ?) please let me know.


  • atlas46
    atlas46 Community member Posts: 826 Pioneering
    Hi @frankie1

    A very warm welcome.

    In respect of pro bono advice, your daughter is the only person who can seek such advice.

    She should e-mail

    Please let us know, how your daughter gets on.

    This is not, at first glance a human rights issue, but is bound for the Family Court.
  • bevt2017
    bevt2017 Community member Posts: 324 Pioneering
    Hi @frankie1

    A warm welcome to the community!

    I was heartbroken reading your story. (As I can relate somewhat).
    I'm so sorry that you and your daughter are going through such a horiific time.
    It's just not fair, her father is putting that little girl, through so much pain and upset.

    I also have neurological problems, with 2 sons and a daughter.
    And it would break my heart if my ex tried to take my daughter away from me.
    But luckily, I have an amazing husband who takes care of all of us.

    Scope also has advisors and a helpline you could contact for advice.

    I really do hope your daughter gets her baby back. 

    Please keep in touch 
    Take care
    Bev x
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