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Remap awards

DavidM Member Posts: 20 Courageous
Some amazing new gadgets were celebrated at the Remap Awards last week. Remap volunteers make one-off bits of equipment to help people with specific issues where there's nothing suitable on the market. Everything is provided completely free! This year's prizes went to the following projects:

A “vision system” that uses a VR headset and zoom camera to enable a registered blind man to watch the football

A wheelchair adapted to help its user to climb Mount Snowdon

A standing platform for a girl with dwarfism to reach her bathroom taps

A 3D-printed device to allow an amputee to use a rollator

A helping handle to allow a paraplegic man to get into his adapted car

A handrail which fits to the door of an ancient listed building

An ordinary chair fitted with wheels for use on a narrow boat.

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