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Lloydyb Community member Posts: 1 Listener

Sorry, ITS really is long but couldn't miss to much out.

  It isn't unusual for someone to write something on a website because they have been affected by a particular issue. So here I am. Hi. Married for 39 years, currently separated "on good terms I might add", Have 3 wonderful sons (32, 36 and 40 yrs old).  I am disabled have been for the past 3 years. Yes, 3 years have lower vertebrae damage and severe arthritis in my right hip, wrists, neck and shoulders as well as severe depression and going through a mental crisis. I am on ESA and currently receive PIP on high rate.

Recently I received an invitation to attend an interview with a compliance officer of the DWP, Ha Said It was to review my benefit and see if I am getting the correct amount. Well that wasn't the case. Basically someone had written to them in June saying I was fit and healthy gardening and decorating. Also gave them a list of Car registration numbers. I was asked, Q" do I know " a particular address as you have been seen decorating and doing the garden", I answered, "yes, " I know the address my sons life there". She goes on, " its alleged that you live at that address" The person who alleged this has also given some detail in that car registration numbers and that you drive two cars,” A" not at the same time I reply". No I don't own two cars. She goes on, we can check, She say's. Do you have a car on disability she say's. No! I say. I don't. Do you visit that address, she asked again. No I say!. Oh this is very confusing she remarks, ill have to reefer this to the fraud department for them to investigate.

Some years back, about 12, my sons cars when parked outside the house were vandalised on a regular bases, keyed to be precise, as though they were colouring in a cloud. 3 cars keyed every other week for around 3 months. So I suggested to my sons to get a camera put up to see if they can be caught. Well the camera was very small but covered a wide area and to our surprise our very own friendly neighbour herself was the culprit. She would key the car as she past leaving her house 6 am in the morning. I suggested confronting her rather than informing the police so as to get an explanation. My eldest son approached her partner to let her know that we have seen her partner key the cars as she walks past them at 6 am in the morning. She suggested he has it wrong and she would not do such a thing. With that I told him to Waite till she returns home from work then call and confront her face to face. She closes the door I his face as she says no chance not me! Okay the next thing he informs the police and explains that he has video evidence. The [police call two days later and views the evidence. The officer decides to visit the neighbour and show her the evidence. He comes back telling my son that she has been very ill these past few weeks and doesn't know what she's doing. She’s a post woman! If she was so ill way hasn't she taken time off! The police officer says, " I don't think she really deserves to be charged with malicious damage or criminal damage, she could loose her job, Okay my sons say, but she must pay for the damage she has cause to the cars, she pays for two cars as we couldn't show clearly enough that it was her that damaged the 3rd car. However, my sons says, " if we had damaged her partners car and they had evidence or not even making the allegation that we had, we would be charged without a second thought. With that he gave her a caution. She and her partner hid away for a few weeks. After some time they became the friendliest neighbours ever.

Some 18 moths ago our friendly neighbours tell us, "whilst chatting over the garden wall" that they are moving to France. This June our friendly neighbours moved away to France. !

I am puzzled about who could have done such a thing and cause me such a stressful and most difficult couple of weeks. 

Was I so bad to encourage my sons not to inform the police with evidence of crimes committed? was I right to try and have my sons deal with it without involving the police ?. Should I have pressed my sons to push for criminal charges to have been brought upon our good kind friendly chatty neighbours?

How do I explain to the compliance ooops, I mean the fraud investigation office that these allegations are false and malicious? How do I regain my self-control and calm state of mind?

How do I say to my family that I will not have another breakdown or forget to take my medication?  Will my sons ever stop asking if I am okay, and when will they stop saying Dad you have to eat something! Dad you need to try and sleep!

Dad you can’t sit there for another day moping about it. Dad it’s not the end of the world!

Dad you have to eat something or you will make yourself ill!

That's off my chest at last!

I am so sorry for taking up s much space and time but I didn't know any other place to let this all out. 

Tell me! Is it to be my first and last visit here? Hope it’s the first and not my last. Any thing else I have to say will not be anything as long as this, its just that I am feeling so low after what had happened and I still don't know what is going to happen to me when and if this is further investigated.  I really struggle to see how someone could be so malicious and cause so much stress and anxiety for trying to do the right thing.

Such horrible nasty despicable thing to do to someone. I don't even live at that address in fact I rarely visit the address at all.


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