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Hi, my name is ktsmileyqueen!

I have got multiple complex illnesses and disabilities which some of them overlaps. I have got: Familial Hemiplegic Migraine Hypothyroidism Fibromyalgia Osteoarthritis in back/hips/right leg Sciatica caused by recurrent prolapsed discs in lower back Irritable Bowel Syndrome Asthma Restless Leg Syndrome Social phobia Anxiety/Stress/Depression Learning Difficulties Curvature of spine due by having a Slipped Femoral Epiphysis and lost 3 inches of my right leg when I was 12. I didn’t want a raised boot as I was already bullied at school. The shortening of my right leg caused the curvature as I was still growing. I had 6 pins and a plate in my hip until my body rejected it when I was 20. I am 47 now. There’s a few more but I don’t want to bore you any longer. I have a very caring loving hubby who has learning difficulties and also my only son who’s 9 who also has ADHD and other needs. My name is Katie and thank you for letting me join Scope. ??



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