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Concern on need assessment again before wet room repair in flat

o5jessica Community member Posts: 42 Connected
hi , I new here I'm very worried.

I Northamptonshire were adult social services cuts hit impact on ,since I ask for support from NHS hospital ,
They would not refer me on .

I live unrepaired level access shower in unsafe major dangerous, it's over one yr.
I hoist toilet shower type mobility NHS loan lot ot equipment.

Since 2010.
I had 2010/2012/2013 OT assessment report and Northampton housing needs reports.

Before wet room repair lack of.

I run over 2009 by 2010 now loss moblitym left side and limited more my spine neck right side hand shoulder.

I have sudden loss mobility last year why police NHS staff broken in to Rush me to hospital.
Since I  bad experience past .noone  since held to account, what I went though in care home and then my home,

Change in statute law section 42 care act 2014,
I'm concerned this to be used to blame me, on way my falt is,
I sent letter and prof is not to soical workers and HCP Northamptonshire.
Not one taken any notice off,
My fear again I me forc out into care lose my rights .
I tried to work with key employees housing NHS hco etc, 
All todate not respecting privacy rights 
Look at me complex disability needs or, funding nightmare.

How one trust again to make sure my choice and out comes on line statute law,?

I know soon soical workers see my flat they to shall see unsafe conditions, 
Yet on 1.6.2018 I shown photos my home, 
With voice ability limited company it's local care act advocate,
She refused to take any notice off,

I no longer family members support, I just put my mum to lay to rest,so I'm mental health got wrose as death mum effect my life long mental health too.

Point is , I knew it OT assessment report require I could done this via my gp last
I used housing complaints system
Still claim ,I need   ot report.

Why,my medical equipment disability needs not change , only limited now right body I have trouble trying to self transfer to my toilet aid from my electronic wheelchair,in day, since  effect my health from yr,

The key part on assessment of my needs will not be considered, I'm was in middle off ,then made to wait. As all key employees adult social services off and no offer temp replacement employees.or of care advocate.
Now only one week notice,to claim to vosvi me , soical worker know I not consent to this yet .
Or ot ot referral as not sure impact cuts Northamptonshire adult social services, on disabled people yet.

 My gp now's all this my letters may clear my requirements. Same to housing employees.

So I'm trying to explain to get information when OT assessment is lawful requirement, 
In my home?

I offer to move out if offer choice 
In like respire ,this could then see assessment of me, what I can not do , in safe location other then my flat,
Soical workers her boss refused this still.

I like to know is this my right to offer this?
This I thought would assist key joint HCP Northamptonshire to help me,

 Thing is as my prvite life ferinds unpaid had to take over caring for all my needs, 
Since 2014.

To protect against more abuse harm my same company they push now again one, 
The mental truma I'm still effect by , 

Yet as they still feel watched as non factual information on adult safe guard last year of me, I able to provide factual information non founded, 
Go NHS local staff not let this go, 
This big concern,
Used this information past to make up non factual information again this time,
I tried everything since to get copies repair report to assist soical workers. Yet again housing employees blocked me to this, 
If I need to move
For my safety then we're 

I made enquiries myself nothing big enough to assist me my wheelchair or equipment disability needs in small one bed place, 
If at all possible please kindly share from your experience as OT hpc , 

What lawful  . I nothing to hide yet my ferind feel can't get involved,so I'm alone, 
I just need new way of life this time right support.
Thank you in advance,


  • Jean_OT
    Jean_OT Community member Posts: 513 Pioneering

    Thank you for your post which I have read carefully but in truth I don't think that I any going to be able to offer specific advice on resolving your situation.

    Your needs and circumstances are clearly complex, long term, and go beyond what I can try to advise on in the context of this online community.

    It sounds as if you really need an advocate to be working with you on some of these issues. I would suggest that you make a formal approach to social services requesting they arrange an advocate for you. If this is unsuccessful you can self refer Voiceability: From your post I think you may have already had some contact with them but if there is a reason why they are unable to work with you again ask them if there is an alternative they can refer you to.   

    If you have any trusted professional (such as a GP, MP, CPN etc) it might be wise to contact them to request some support with these issues.

    With regards to your query about entitlement to an OT assessment. The system for requesting on OT assessment in Northamptonshire has recently changes. You can self-refer at: You should be offered an assessment providing you meet their assessment criteria, although there may be a considerable waiting list. If you are refused an assessment ask an what grounds you are being refused. If you feel that you have been refused an assessment despite meeting their criteria you can complain at:

    I understand that, like many residents of Northamptonshire you may be very concerned about the impact of the Council spending controls on social services provision. Certainly it seems that it is a very difficult time but I did hear on the news that a commitment has been made to protect services to the most vulnerable service users. I guess we will all have to see have this pans out in the longer term. Perhaps local provision is something that a local disabled peoples organisation might be better placed to advise on:

    Best Wishes



    Jean Merrilees BSc MRCOT

    You can read more of my posts at:

  • o5jessica
    o5jessica Community member Posts: 42 Connected
    Yes thanks for your response, I have done everything on what you kindly advise, I'm going to have to move into care, 
    Looking lik no longer my health cppe I ended up in  hospital again effect on rotting wet room floor effect my health.
    Adult sad guard in section 42 care act 2014, way my area to cut costs to high care needs housing.

    It's social housing, national  company, so looking at longer term my age, operations I need, I rather live safety, now about OT  I been referred.
     Going though pip too.
    I have care advocate yet, she not speak up help me take notes . I'm limited now one hour .no longer seat up for longy wheelchair.
     No Home offer advocates support I tried since may. Cuts are wrose  mo support local campaign Group my area , 
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If we become concerned about you or anyone else while using one of our services, we will act in line with our safeguarding policy and procedures. This may involve sharing this information with relevant authorities to ensure we comply with our policies and legal obligations.

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