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Mobility scooter

I can not walk at all when I visit my daughter I park my scooter in the lower foyey and have to be carried up a small flight of stairs I've had the people downstairs saying I can not leave it there it's a fire hazard now it's not In anyone's way and behind a wall my daughter has been hassled by these people every since I left it there for 2 days while visiting I have said the fire relations don't cover me as I'm not able to walk away from the building alone plz can anyone help with this as I have not been able to go to my daughter since as no where for scooter to be left 


  • exdvr
    exdvr Member Posts: 331 Pioneering

    Hi @stacenjay,     Do these people have any authority to say you can or cannot park your scooter there?   Perhaps you should get clarification from the local authority or factor/landlord.  It has been shown [available on a YouTube video] that a scooter may develop a fault if it is left unattended on charge but that is about as likely as an electric blanket catching fire.  No doubt you would not be leaving it on charge.   Best to get it clarified to put everyone's mind at rest.

    Best wishes.

    Best wishes.


  • stacenjay
    stacenjay Member Posts: 4 Listener
    It's never charged there as is only ever there for 2 days as I can not walk I tend just to stay indoors it's only used really to get me from the car to the flat 


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