Wheelchair insurance

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Hiya I've been looking for wheelchair insurance that covers North America .. Is there one out there.. Lol I can't find one.. Any recommendations welcome .. Thank you 


  • Chloe_Scope
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    Hi @Gogo21, thank you for coming to the community about this. The community is UK based so I am unsure about the insurance in America. I can look this up and get back to you if you would like?
  • Gogo21
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    Hi @chloe_scope .. I'm from the UK too..? ? But just about to travel to North America.. And can't seem to get insurance to cover my wheelchair .. I was just wondering if it was difficult to purchase . I'm terrified of my wheelchair getting demaged in hold.. ? ? Thanks for any help or advice 
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    Hi @Gogo21, sounds like an exciting trip!

    I'm not sure of this myself, but there do appear to be some discussions on Tripadvisor's Travelling with Disability forum that may be worth looking into/getting involved with, as they may be able to provide more targeted assistance. Hope this helps!