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Minister For The Disabled. Aint she the greatest.......NOT!!!

David71HDavid71H Member Posts: 6 Connected
It was naive of me to expect anything, I realise this now. 
But anyway, I emailed a couple MPs. 
Heidi Allen and the actual Minister for The Disabled Sarah Newton.
I'd read a little on The Disability Rights uk site about talks in parliament and scandals etc surrounding all this horrific re evaluation process for us poorly folk.
Response from Heidi Allens secretary was to let me know that unfortunately due to strict parliamentary protocols Heidi would'nt be able to assist me as I wasn't in her constituency. 
She did suggest I contact My local MP.
Oh dear. So that would be the guy that voted Against laws to promote equality and human rights.  Ben Bradley. Google him. He's lovely.....Mmmmm
No response from the Minister for The Disabled. 
I've since emailed her a couple more times asking for some sort of assistance. 
oooh got automated reply saying if I provided my name and address that she would respond within 10 days...its been 8.
2 more days and I will be trying the office number provided.
I don't honestly expect any kind of useful assistance and I'm pretty sure I'll be told I need to contact local MP. Round and round we go.
If this ends up being the case, then I will let her know that I am contacting her because of The Hefty status of The Minister For The Disabled that she has somehow blagged her way into acquiring. 
MP STORIES?? Surely they cant All be NWO advocates????? lolololololol
Need a Heart Transplant but its complicated, lololoololol. 
I mean seriously......when isn't it flipping complicated?
Already had one 20 year ago so it would be the 2nd....obvs

Day of my F2F, i was telling the drone (assessor) about already having a Transplant.
She said "Did it work?"

So many of us teetering on the absolute edge while they queue up to give us a final push.

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