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Got pip decision back zero points on everything

SugarCoated Member Posts: 53 Courageous
edited September 2018 in PIP, DLA, and AA
I received my pip decision back with zero points on everything. I knew there was going to be lies but to have everything lied about wasn't something I was expecting. I told the guy I go out around once a month to the job centre and he wrote she goes out on a daily basis. My husband's car is parked outside our house everyday literally outside the door as my door leads straight onto the pavement outside. He said it's parked 20 metres away. My husband parks the car outside the job centre for me and my daughter and the guy reported he parks 50 metres away lol. Also I was alone in a outfit I'd been in all week just got out of bed hadn't even washed my face or done my hair. Yet I was clean and presentable. I think the guy took advantage of the fact that my daughter had to leave as soon as the guy came leaving me alone. Which he used against me writing all this lies as I have no witness. He said I moved my arms without problem, I have both my armpits covered in boils that are painful and leak I touched my shoulders with my fingertips keeping both my arms firmly against my sides. Yet he wrote this completely differently. I'm thinking of doing a MR what would I need to put In there? It's the 1st time I'm doing this and have no clue. It's a joke how they make things up. I've suffered both from my physical condition which is embarrassing and depression for over 20 years but he doesn't think I look depressed. He was able to diagnosis me in under an hour for something I've suffered from most of my life yet my therapist couldn't even after a few weeks saying I needed more help lol. 
Sorry for the rant life is hard enough without people making things up. Just been really depressed. 



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