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Howdy folks, anybody else with ADHD?

ratty78 Member Posts: 2 Listener
Thought I'd introduce my self even though not sure what to write in things like this always think come across like I'm replying to a job advert? My names C-J
I have combined adhd with depression and social anxiety and also vocal ticks which sound like the cartoon character scooby doo which can be amusing and embarrassing in equal measures 
would like to chat other adults. With ADHD and or people with tics am fed up with so many people who don't know anything about me or ADHD spouting "it's just something that parents say when they can't be bothered discipline their children " or the classic when they find out I have ADHD oh I thought that was just a naughty kids thing "  well guess what yes I was kid once and now I'm an adult and still have it ? It's not all doom and gloom though sometimes it can help me see solutions to things that other ppl might not see because I tend to think more outside the box (or I'm likely to see something completely different and forget what the original problem was ?????



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