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I would like to campaign

JillyJ Member Posts: 5 Listener
I would like to campaign after the local MP, all agancies have failed in making the provisions for disabled people, either a physical one, a mental one or both combined. 
I think disabled people should protest why a Disabled space is not enofrced, outside thier home, a clear space and provision is made. Currently I have my neigbourghs who park 1/2 inch from my bumper or steal my Disabled bay entirely! I am told by my Council it is an ADDAP, Advisory only and relies on the goodwill of other drivers. This is ludicrous. Can you imagine if MPS parking spaces, Doctors parking spaces were not enofrced and they said tough cheese. Another aspect is because of the antisocial behaviour of my neighbourghs I have got intouch with the crime and anti soccial behviour unit who tell me because I am now reffred to a mental health team that they are willing to subsitute this for a lack of jurisprudence. Since when did people who are mentally challanged deemed to not be affroed the rule of law? 



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