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ESA Assement for Capability Work?

What the heck?I have thankfully someone fillimg in this form there mere sight off it had me crying ..I have a Brain Injury .So can't write i am on crutches the last one i don't remember it was PIP;which i was told i have until 2021-reasement 2020 ether i am time traveling doing something very wrong.Or a Brain Injury.Epilepsy .Body full off Titanuim is not a ligitamate reson to qualify for these stupid benifits ..I can't write remember a pin ?Let alone fill out a dumb form .Its a waste off time (Exceptionally Stressful,Insulting and not what i want to be doing ..)If i could even get round to the Dr's on crutches without falling over it would help its also a complete hastle for all involved the forms are designed to make you give up on the will to live i am not playing a Violin if i could i would.But i have gone from caring for my SON to my Parents being responsible for us both this is designed to make you fail i have no seizure diary if i knew the date and could write it would help -plus how do you remember Status Epilepticus?


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    I agree, it's very stressful as i've recently been through exactly the same thing myself with yet another assessment for ESA. Unfortunately, unless you're placed into the severe conditions group then they can reassess you anytime from 3 months. Good luck and hopefully you're not waiting too long.


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