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DavidJ Member Posts: 51 Pioneering
I found this article in a daily newspaper today and it made my blood boil!!
First of all I must tell you that I am now on my 4th Motability vehicle . Increasing in size as my disability gets worse.I have had to apply for grants for each car as they needed modifying etc .All well and good and I am very grateful for the assistance and the grants .
So what’s my argument here then .?
My grant was limited to certain things but when I asked for an extra electronic step I was told I couldn’t have it as I didn’t really need it and I had a good sized grant .
Then there are those amongst us who have lost their cars because they have been “cured” by the new system of PIP and don’t score any points!! 
So saving the government millions of £££
I was lucky and had a home visit but I still had to live in fear of what might happen during the transition from DLA to PIP . The head of this CHARITY gets a huge bonus ! This is so wrong !!! 
Rant over with apologies to anyone offended but I kept out the swear words!



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