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pip renewal

bevvy1966 Member Posts: 77 Connected
hi, I was on dla for years and I think I got it indefinitely...Then I was moved onto pip and I was awarded that for 2 years..However when my pip was up for renewal, they sent me for an assessment.. I took my niece with me because in most circumstances, my niece is my carer..of the time of renewal I was managing to hold down a job but ive had a massuve relapse again wiyh my mental health and unfortunately at this time, I am unable to work.. I've filled in my reconciliation form and am waiting on a response.. At the assesment they only awarded me 2 points which is ludicrous on the information they had


  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 28,573 Disability Gamechanger

    I'm not sure what your question is here. Were you refused PIP after the review and lost what you previously had? or were you given a lower award? Have you had the decision for the MR?
  • bevvy1966
    bevvy1966 Member Posts: 77 Connected
    yes that's right.. just wondering has this happened to anybody previously
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 28,573 Disability Gamechanger
    Yes it happens to lots of people. Contact your local welfare rights or law centre for help as its very difficult to advise on an internet forum because no one knows how your conditions affect you.

    Do remember though that PIP isn't about not being able to work or a diagnosis, it's how your conditions affect your ability to carry out daily activities based on the PIP descriptors.
  • GlasgowMama
    GlasgowMama Member Posts: 3 Listener
    Citizens advice, or money advice projects if you have one of those in your area, can be very helpful with appealing a decision. Please don't do it on your own, get these guys to do it on your behalf, because they know exactly how the system works, and they also know all of the paperwork tricks that are used to let them deny legitimate claims by using very deliberately worded questions that they know people won't answer properly.

    It's all about numbers, and if you use google to search for how many decisions are overturned on appeal, you'll see just how often this happens to people. There's no proof, and it's just speculation on my part, but I honestly feel like it's deliberate, and they just hope that most people will give up and not appeal. I know it's a lot of work, and it's not easy, but please appeal the decision, you know that they got it wrong, so it's worth it to get this mistake corrected.

    Doing it yourself is okay, but honestly, getting a professional to help you with the appeal is absolutely your best option. Citizens advice, or a money advice project worker, or even a disability advocacy or support group, will be able to get your voice heard, and get you a fair assessment of your needs.

    I'm so sorry for the stress this must be causing for you, just know that this is a very common thing that happens. It's like they try to put people off claiming what they are entitled to, just to try to save money. I wonder if they realise how cruel it is, because it's not just about the money, for many people it's being made to feel like a liar or a scrounger that has a really big impact on them, and on their mental health. It's a dangerous way for them to be operating, and I pray it changes soon.

    Please don't let this horrible situation make you feel invalidated, you know yourself, and your health professionals know you, take heart in the fact that this is a common occurrence, and that they just do it to try to make their figures look 'good'. Please let a professional appeal this on your behalf, it's free, and takes a lot of the stress off your shoulders if they deal with all the paperwork and phone calls for you.

    It's free, and they are good people who really want to help. Good luck with everything, and honestly, look up the number of appeals that are won, it's huge. Try not to worry too much. Much love to you x
  • bevvy1966
    bevvy1966 Member Posts: 77 Connected
    thank you for that info maggie, they must be doing it to everybody, because they hsve knocked my friend off who lives rnd the corner from me, and my friends son.. ive done that reconciliation thing, but I did that by myself...it said I was entitled to more money than I was originally on..Anyway ive contacted cab and o hsve an appointment with them on the 11th of January and they said has soon bas I hear back from pip they will helo me


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