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Activities for autistic toddlers

Ourania Member Posts: 15 Connected
edited December 2018 in Autism and neurodiversity
Hello everyone,

I have a 3years and 3 months son who is undergoing the process of getting a diagnosis if he has Asd or what exactly. Long story short the waiting lists are extremely long so at the moment all we can do is sit back and wait as going private is not an option.

I was wondering if there is other parents here or people who know what kind of activities do you get involved your children and how did you do the whole process?

I tried to communicate a few clubs I found online but did not get any response yet or the prices were out of my budget. I thought that getting him out being active and around people who will understand him and help him as he needs it would be very helpful for his whole progress.

I am sorry for the long text but I tried to cover any questions you may have in advance.  Thank you everyone for all the help and support and for having me here. All the advice will be extremely appreciated and helpful.




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