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Rigt to buy

wizzwoz Member Posts: 26 Connected
Hi im just woundering ifi am able to buy my addapted council house
I rang my local council and enquierd about buying my 3 bed house that has had addaptations befor i moved in 3 n half years ago.i told the offericer i spoke to that it will be a cash purchess not mortgae i said i had serched on the web and it says houses that are for dissabled and elderly canot buy there house. Thas not fare as ive never been in arrears no asbos ect and my boyfriend will sell his house and move in with me on the day of the sale when the moneys have crossed over.the officer i spoke to said there would not be a probem me buying it cash outright yet on there site it states diffrent im dissabled n have restricked mobility there is also a child my grandchild who is also dissabled he has Aitisum n cant deal with chainge his specail needs school is just round the corner n hospital n doctors ect i dont see why i should move out of somwere im safe n sacure n is assental to mine n my grandsons needs.if i get terned down were can i go to appeal the decstion?


  • swilber
    swilber Member Posts: 26 Courageous
    Hi there I wonder if there is a reason you want to buy rather than rent your house?  It sounds a perfect situation you have why add more responsibility to your life by being a homeowner?

    Best  wishes


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