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Hello my friend had this the other night. When you desire that Chilli hit what you need in this cold, chilly weather.

Been out and had come home late so was cold ned that Chilli. Warming , simple and not long to do.

Had no Rice or Kidney Beans.  Got those tins of mixed beans with spices in it.

Made this

Simple to do and leave it on the hob for about thirty minutes.

You will need Stockpot or Sauté Pan.  Knife, Chopping Board.  Serving spoons.  Hot water kettle boiled.  Zip bag or other. Freezer bag.  Tin opener.


Pack of Casserole Steak diced.
Onions I used two for this sliced and diced roughly.
Cooked Baby Potatoes used half a bag.  
Tin of Taco Spicy mixed Beans.
Stock cube Beef.
Spices Cayenne 1 quarter tsp. Paprika and Smoked Paprika half teaspoon each.
Parsley dried half teaspoon.

Note I buy bags of baby Potatoes precook them then cool down. Ready to use in many recipes. Stored in the fridge.


Stockpot or sauté pan fry Onions in Olive oil.  Medium heat .   Zip bag or freezer bag add diced steak and spices . Close bag and shake meat.  Make sure well coated.

Open bag and tip into Stockpot or sauté pan.

Add Beans and Potatoes cooked you can dice them if you wish to. Add Stock cube and boiling water to cover Meat, Beans and Potatoes.

The tin of beans has a tomato sauce with it.  Bring to a simmer. for thirty minutes add Parsley at the end.  Check for seasoning.  

This is a good recipe to use up any left over gravy, stock over from any meals you have.

You could add tin of chopped tomatoes if you wish.

Any other vegetables.

Make it your own. Could use Worcester sauce with stock if you wish.

Bueno Appetito.

Take care.

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