Fighting to get the right services for my son

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Mother of 4, nan to 4. Been fighting to get the right services for my 13 yr old son but just keep hitting walls. Now hoping to pick up tips from others who have travelled the same road. 


  • thespiceman
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    Hello @ghettomud Pleased to meet you welcome.

    Thank you for joining and sharing.  Sorry what you have been through. I know there will be many members of our community.

    Who will identify what you are going through.

    I am one of the team of community champions who advise and help new members who join.

    Please ask if we can help with anything. Some one will know from our community or a member of our team.

    Please take care.

  • steve51
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    Hi @ghettomud

    Welcome it’s great to meet you today ??

    Can you please let me know what services have you been fighting for?????

    If we can help you further please let us know????

  • Antonia_Alumni
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    Hi @ghettomud

    Welcome to the community. 

    I am sorry to hear how you feel about getting the right services for your son. We are all here to support you, please do let us know how we can help.

  • KellyParentAdvisor
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    Hi @ghettomud, thanks for posting.

    Can you elaborate more on what help you're looking for and what you've already tried?