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Eadiesmummy1 Member Posts: 90 Courageous
Hey guys! Sorry ive been inactive for a while ive had a few issues to deal with. Anyhow- I have had an MRI not sunday just gone sunday before at royal hallamshire sheffield, called to see consultant at barnsley hospital thursday for an appointment yesterday (Sunday) and today been called to go to Weston Park hospital in sheffield for further imaging. When i asked if it was routine her response was well i have rang 3 patients asking for the same today. (out of how many i dont know) anyhow when at the consultant  yesterday (not my own consultant either) he said he can see something to do with a blood vessel and my own consultant will discuss this with me when i have an appointment. Any ideas? xx 


  • goblinqueen
    goblinqueen Member Posts: 16 Connected
    maybe something like an Haemangioma , they're a non cancerous growth that attach themselves to bits and pieces in the spine area , I was told they're like raspberries that squish out of shape and then refill with blood again , I just refer to mine as the gummy bears 
  • Eadiesmummy1
    Eadiesmummy1 Member Posts: 90 Courageous
    hi thank you for your reply. Ive had the other mri the machine was vibrating never felt anything like it before. they have found some asymettries on my brain so need to discuss further at my next appointment xx 


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