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Insulation advice

Not sure if this is an appropriate place to ask.

I live independently in a ground floor flat since 2001. 

As we all know, the weather is currently atrocious. My flat is cold, my thermostat currently states it is 19c. I think am in need of an insulation check, as I know that my flat isn't insulated (properly). Luckily we do not have this cold weather all the time. When I feel near the windows, I can feel a draft. My front door is the main concern. Someone helped me recently put a draft excluder on my front door along the bottom. They also tried putting new foam self-adhesive seal around the door, but as I have an automatic door opener, once it was on, the door didn't shut without physical help, so now there's nothing around the door frame.

As we all know, gas bills are too much, therefore, putting the heating on is a waste of time. I was putting it on twice a day for an hour each, but now for months, I refuse to put it on. I pay around £72/m for gas & electric as it is.

I'm a housing association tenant, most people I asked told me to go straight to my landlord, which I did, but they did not get back to me.

Should my landlord help? Who else can I contact?

I have Cerebral Palsy, get DLA, ESA and housing benefit.

In an ideal world, I wish I could move.

Thanks in advance.


  • wilko
    wilko Member Posts: 2,449 Disability Gamechanger
    It's up to your landlord to keep your flat in a safe and secure state, if you have worries or comconce about how you are being treated contact CAB and or your local council for advice.
  • PalsyP
    PalsyP Member Posts: 13 Connected
    I've emailed them again and sent this link, I'm not holding out for much though, they are useless. This building has two flats that are designed for disabled people, but when I ask for help (like changing a tube light), they say it's not their problem and I have to do it. I also had a small leak with my toilet once, once I told them of this, an appointment was booked 3 weeks later......
  • PalsyP
    PalsyP Member Posts: 13 Connected
    They are a joke.....

    Our surveyor states that your property does have a filled cavity wall. 

    In addition a SAP rating test was completed and this was well within our requirements. His conclusion is that if you only using your heating for a couple of short periods each day  that this would

    be a major contributing factor.

    Looks like a cop-out to me.

    What about the windows and the front door? Not just the walls, the walls aren't just affected.

    I'm not happy with this outcome, therefore I'll complain, or go to the papers.

    The reason that I'm not using much gas is that it costs too much, are you having a laugh? Besides, when I turn it off, the flat goes cold again after an hour, so what's the point putting the heating on?  Will they pay for my gas?

    I bet he is all cosy in his £250k house, what does he care.....
  • poppy123456
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    Whether it's a house or a flat, it will always go cold once the heating is off, especially when it's the middle of winter. No amount of insulation will keep a home warm without heat.
  • PalsyP
    PalsyP Member Posts: 13 Connected
    edited January 2019
    Well, I'll have to freeze, I can't afford to put the heating on more than I do, or used to.....As I said, I pay around £70 a month for gas & electric. Ironically, the supplier states that I can use more gas than electric even though I've only used hot water for my showers and washing up since November.

    I can't even have a smart meter fitted, my electric meter is too far away..... That's another thing I hate.

    Believe me, my front door lets in too much cold.... I have tried my best to insulate it better, but as I said, when I put new seals around the door frame, my automatic door device will not shut it properly. I am in two minds to ask the company who designs it for advice as I know it'll cost me money, which I have not got. 

    I appreciate that I sound passive aggressive in my words. I just want some help/advice to see if I can sort this, or make it better.
  • Geoark
    Geoark Member, Scope Volunteer Posts: 1,384 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @PalsyP

    First of all speak to your energy supplier. Two particular things to ask about are, the Energer Company Obligation (ECO) and if they have a department that deals with disabled customers.  The latter may not be much help with the issue you are discussing but you may find it useful to find out if there is additional support that may make your life easier.

    Also speak to the local council as they should be aware of any local schemes that might help you.

    It can also be worth finding out if there is an 'energy club' it could be called something else. This is where the local council, or some other local entity buys energy in bulk at a discounted price. They the pass those savings onto their members. If you are on a payment meter it should make no difference, though you will need to be a customer of the energy company they use. 

    Making sure you are on the best tarrif for your needs can also save on your energy costs.

    There are also a lot of things you can do, if you are not doing them, which can save you on energy costs. Individually they may not make a lot of difference but collectively they do add up. Some may require you paying a little more initially but then some can be done gradually.  For example moving to LED lighting can save money but they are more expensive. Replacing your lights as they stop working means there is no large initial outlay. 

    I know you have not asked specifically about saving on your energy bill but the more you can save the more you can use to heat your home. A good place to start finding out what you can do is

    Also, if you can afford it, think about devices which can improve the efficancy of your devices. For example, adding a radiator top fan - if yours are suitable, can help to heat the room quicker. But always worth finding some user reviews first.

    Hope this helps.

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