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Disability Discrimination

LisaBennett68 Member Posts: 1 Listener
edited February 2019 in Work and employment
My daughter has Aspergers Syndrome (autism).  She was recently employed by [brand name removed by moderator] as a General Assistant on 20th December.  She thought and we thought she was doing well there.  We knew it wouldn't be easy for her considering her disabilities but it was only for 12 hours a week and as [brand name removed by moderator] is her favourite shop ever we thought it a perfect introduction to work for her.  On 8th February she was given an Early Days Review (her first review since starting her probationary period).  During this review she was informed her employment was to be terminated the following day, 9th February.  The reasons stated she was slow at everything she does and hasn't shown any signs of improvement.  She failed on every single area according to the Early Days Review form.  She failed on attendance, she's had ONE day off during her entire employment.  She failed on Timekeeping despite arriving early every single day bar 2 occasions when she was 5 minutes late due to public transport issues.  She failed on "We love Craft" despite having an Arts Degree....she can knit, use a sewing machine, she draws, paints, is a talented artist and sculptor!  She failed on "Picks up things quickly".  Everything.  I believe that they have not given her ample time considering her disabilities to learn.  The nature of her disability means it takes her longer to pick things up initially and can appear slow to learn but once she is fully secure of her role and familiar with what is required of her I'm positive she would have been fine.  She is extremely polite, enthusiastic about crafts and was very eager to do well in her first job.  On her suggestion she was even willing to wear and purchased a badge saying "Please be patient with me, I have Autism".  This has crushed her.  She didn't see it coming at all and came home in tears.  I feel she has been treated extremely unfairly and hasn't been given ample notice or opportunity to rectify any shortcomings.  Shop floor staff seem to have been very supportive and encouraging of my daughter, unfortunately it appears management have not. 

Her termination letter states we have 5 working days to appeal the decision to [brand name removed by moderator].  I believe that they should have given her a longer probation period and been more understanding and supportive.  I feel I need to say something and at least try to make them understand and hopefully make them rethink their practices for disabled staff.  I can't help thinking if her disability was more visible that they would have been more understanding.

Any advice on what to do would be welcome.


  • steve51
    steve51 Member Posts: 7,153 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @LisaBennett68

    Welcome it’s my meet you this evening.

    I am very very sorry to hear ? about your current problems.

    We have got some info on “Disability Discrimination”


    Please please let me know if there’s anything else that I can help you with?????


  • thespiceman
    thespiceman Member Posts: 6,389 Disability Gamechanger
    edited February 2019
    Hello @LisaBennett68   Pleased to meet you welcome.

    Thank you for joining and sharing. Sorry what has happened to your daughter.  I know my friend @steve51 has given you some excellent links.

    I am also a community champion . Please can I suggest have you contacted  The Autistic Society.

    Helpline 020 7833 2299  Monday to Thursday 10.00.am to 4pm  Friday 9am to 3pm.

    Might be worth a call. I do know will probably be interested in supporting you and any additional advice they can give you.

    Also may I add you could seek the services of someone who is knowledgeable of employment law.  Consider CAB or Disability Rights UK..

    We are a community here to support you and help .

    Always some one here to listen.  Please keep in touch.  

    Please take care.

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