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Hi everyone 
When I first applied for pip in November 2017 I was refused. The reason given was a technical fault on the dwp side. Even after going through all the running around for doc reports etc etc and attending the assessment they turned me down because they said I hadn't been back in the county long enough and advised me to apply again in February 2018.Which I did. They knew this but still put me through the wringer.
Any way I applied again for pip only to go through the exact same charade and be turned down again. I appealed and of course I lost again so on to the tribunal which I won but this is where I'm confused. 
During the tribunal the judge said he can only give a ruling on my 2nd claim and not my 1st because its a "technical issue" but when I received my paper from clerk of the court it says its backdated from Nov 2017 my 1st claim. If that's true I'm certainly not complaining but I'm at a loss to understand what's happening
Can anyone shine a light on this


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    Hi @MerthyrMaurader

    Thank you for sharing this with us. Happy to hear it has been backdated, maybe the technical issue was not significant anymore. Some of our members may be able to answer your question soon.
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    Hi Antonia
    Thanks for the reply
    Hope I get some info on this. Be interesting to hear if something similar has happened to anyone else.