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Advice very much needed

Gemw1Gemw1 Member Posts: 22 Connected
Hi I have messaged you endlessly over this I'm still trying to get my home altered. We've gone down the road of submitting our own plans now and still they are making it impossible is there anything stopping us quoting on the plan they've provided?


  • Kate_ScopeKate_Scope Scope Navigate service Posts: 74 Pioneering
    edited March 2019
    Hi, @Gemw1 My name is Kate and while I am not an occupational therapist I have had my home adapted in previous years as my daughter has Cerebral palsy and is a full-time wheelchair user. 
    There are a few things that I remember being problematic at that time. 

    We owned our own home and getting the adaptations and planning was very difficult- I ended up having to get my local MP in to support me. 
    The ramping had to be within certain guidelines so it took over the whole garden, I wanted an extension built for my daughter to have a room put in downstairs, this was not practical with all of the guidelines and safety measures they had to use. This became problematic as they then advised I would have to have my sitting area upstairs and my daughter would have to use the downstairs sitting area as her bedroom- this for us would not work- we asked for it to be changed as then my daughter would constantly be separate from us. 

    I asked if we could get other builders in and they advised no as they had to be pre-approved builders that they use because of procurement guidelines. 
    I had the social services OT in and what they said went basically and the council only took instruction from them, I would call the social services OT and ask them if you are able to get other quotes- I really do doubt this, from my experience they tell you what you need to have as they are using public money to adapt your home and not the other way around. The only way you really have a say is if you are paying for it yourself.  

    so in answer to your first question is there anything stopping you? no there probably isn't but the council will only use OT guidelines and safety measures that they approve anyway. So I would call the disabled facilities grants in your area and speak with them and also the social services OT who is assigned to you. 

    I am sorry if I have presumed you own your own home, you didn't say if you did or not? 

  • Gemw1Gemw1 Member Posts: 22 Connected
    HI Kate I do own my house yes the problem is my little boy is wheelchair bound and suffers with epilepsy. The way they want to alter the house would mean any chance of him sitting to eat with us is gone nor would hexpect have access to our kitchen without great difficulty 
  • Kate_ScopeKate_Scope Scope Navigate service Posts: 74 Pioneering
    @Gemw1 my daughter is also a full-time wheelchair user, and the way they wanted to set it up but we wouldn't ever be able to sit together in the evenings as a family, this was the only offer that was given I got my MP involved and unfortunately due to OT this was the only workable option for them and they wouldn't budge. 
    Maybe get your local MP involved and ask for thier support. I hope that it works out for you 

  • Gemw1Gemw1 Member Posts: 22 Connected
    We are trying to go the non agency route 
  • Kate_ScopeKate_Scope Scope Navigate service Posts: 74 Pioneering
    I live in Wales so the processes are probably different from England- I am unaware of the Non agency route and what that entails. I hope that you can get some clarity on this soon 

  • Gemw1Gemw1 Member Posts: 22 Connected
    Thank you Kate 
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