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Fit for note rejected and attendance procedure problems

Lyns83 Community member Posts: 8 Courageous
edited April 2019 in Work and employment

In brief this is a bit of background so I have had OH report and my work said they were unable to do any of the suggestions. Had access to work, come in and once again they said the suggestions were not things they could do. 
My line manager had been being unprofessional but I think has since been spoken to as she has changed her tune and is at least pleasant now which has been making life at work much easier. Senior leadership saying things perhaps they shouldn't and making me feel ever since the restructuring that they were trying to get rid of me. 

Recently I triggered an attendance procedure and had my first meeting I managed to voice how I had been made to feel. It was then that I realised that every time my line manager, who on many occasions had been quite unpleasant had been particularly nasty I had had stomach upset, I can only imagine was stress related. Since this meeting I think she was spoken to and has been pleasant to me since. 
Anyway the outcome of the meeting was that they said no more than 3 days off in 3 months and this was taking my disability into consideration.

Unfortunately I had become to feel unwell last week but pushed on through only to begin this weekend so fatigued I have been confined to bed. Today is the last day that I am able to take off according to the attendance meeting. I spoke with my GP who has given me a fit for work note asking for amendments to duties, adaptation, phased return and/or altered hours.

Work have said they would discuss altered hours at senior leadership meeting, they said that they have already explored adaptation and amendment of duties (even though they have dismissed all suggestions made). I haven't been off long enough for phased return for work which I understand.

Today they called me to say that they would not be able to accommodate me at work on part time hours in my role or at this point in the year with the students upcoming GCSE examinations.
On my fit for note the doctor had written that I was anxious and fearful and they said that given the students heightened state they didn't think it would be wise for me to be back feeling like that so I should go back to the doctor and get a sick note and come back once feeling better.

I tried to explain to her that the only reason I am fearful and anxious is because I was having a flare up, I knew that I had come to the end of allowed days from my attendance meeting and I am worried what will happen next. She said to me that my disability and my attendance were separate and that she would email me an updated attendance meeting date and time. She repeated again that they have tried adaptation and amendment.

Is there anything I can or should be doing?

What can I expect to happen next in a second meeting for attendance procedure?


  • Antonia_Alumni
    Antonia_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 1,776 Pioneering
    edited April 2019
    Hi @Lyns83 thank you for sharing this with us. I am sorry to hear what you have been going through. How are you doing today? You may want to contact these helplines (below) for support and hopefully some of our members may have other suggestions.

    Please keep us updated, best wishes.
  • Lyns83
    Lyns83 Community member Posts: 8 Courageous
    Hi @Antonia_Scope thank you for your message.

    I feel devestated I have always done anything they have asked, and now I need their help to allow me to not be in breach of the attendance procedure during a flare up that has left me bed bound for several days and again they say no.

    I also feel confused for 2 years I have been praised on my work and really happy. They restructure and all i have felt since then is that they want me to leave, by the things they have said. Still I said nothing and kept the feeling to myself until finally i told Finance/HR officer that I felt like I was not wanted here anymore given the way I was being treated when she told me that I would be better in a lower pay grade teacher assistant job. 
    I voiced this to my new line manager who told me that I sounded needy.

    I don't know what to do, I was hoping in the future I could ask for part time hours anyway in hope that might be more manageable. I don't understand why they wouldn't consider this, lots of teaching staff are part time in our place of work.

    I feel so stuck between a rock and a hard place, if I gave up and resigned would they give me a bad reference, I know they are not supposed to but sometimes it's about what isn't said isn't it.

    My partner finds this all very difficult but on the other hand is quite a bit more thicker skinned than I am, he thinks I shouldn't resign as if that is what they want then I would just be making things easy for them and fight them all the way as I can do my job but sometimes my pain and fatigue flares up and it stops me but if they were able to help me during these periods so I can do my job still.

    Thank you for the list of support helplines, I will try to access some, I will indeed keep you updated.
  • Antonia_Alumni
    Antonia_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 1,776 Pioneering
    Hi @lyn83 you're welcome and thank you getting back to me. How are you doing today?

    I am sorry to hear this, I can understand why you will feel this way. It is not nice to not feel supported at work or feel like they want you to leave. I don't think they would write a bad reference as you have been doing well at work, but  like your partner suggested to keep at it and hopefully some changes can be made. We have some more information here, you may find useful and some information on asking your employer for flexible and part time working.

    Great, we look forward to hearing from you. :)
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