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Lower back pain

Terry1979 Member Posts: 2 Listener
Hi hope someone can point me in the right direction  plz    ive had lower back pain for some years now but the last year has been hell 2 hoyrs stuck in the bath! 20 mins to get out of a chair ect ect  im self employed and have no choise but to keep going no matter how bent and twisted i am and would love to walk straight again! Latley ive had 2 mri scans they show i have 2 discs in my neck with bulges on and lower back shows i have 2 fused discs with the gap above them and the next disc is very narrow than normal and the next disc also has a bulge on it?? I cant take strong pain relife as i drive for a living and all the doctor says is ill give you some steroids and antiflamitry tablets  he beats around the bush when i asked for a referal ?? Can anyone offer me some advice  regards terry 



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