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ESA stopped because I'm housebound and couldn't attend the medical assessment some 13miles away!

WhiteDireWolf Member Posts: 4 Listener
I received an appointment letter from the medical assessment people Atos I think it is here, was very surprised as it came out of the blue, I rang them and asked why and was told it was normal and I hadn't sent the medical form back, well I'd not received that form, if I had I would have got it filled in n sent back, so, I did what they said got in touch with doctors, then rang them back to let them know what was what, got given another appointment but no time, told them on the phone I couldn't make it anyway n couldn't travel that far due to severe pain.
So I was passed from pillar to post making calls to all n sundry.
Then I receive a letter telling me my ESA n support had stopped because of failure to attend the medical, yet I'd done everything they asked to get a home visit, so it's now in hands of DWP my mandatory reconsideration deadline date has passed but notes have been put on as waiting for another Dr's letter to be done stating I'm not in a fit state to travel and request a home visit.
So since end of March I've had no money apart from my PIP, which basically pays the bills just, and the other is child tax credit n child benefit for my son.
All DWP keep telling me is claim Universal Credit, I've spoken to them and numerous benefit advisors and done 4 or more benefit calculators online, which include housing benefit advisors, carers allowance, welfare benefit advisors and UC advisors all say I can't claim UC because of the SDP(Severe Disablement Premium), each have also said this should overturn the mandatory reconsideration n my monies n premiums should be reinstated, but to DWP this isn't the case because I failed to attend,.
So can anyone if you understand all my blurb, please help as its like they've thrown me under a bus, and until they receive a Dr's letter (Have to ring back Thursday morning to see if its been sent), I'm floating in space, well feels that way anyway Tia ??


  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 28,557 Disability Gamechanger

    Failing to attend makes it more complicated. If the MR decision goes in your favour then your ESA will be reinstated and you’ll need to attend another face to face assessment. For the MR you need to give your reasons why you didn’t attend, however if you attend other appointments then that could possibly go against you.

    If the MR decision fails then you’ll have to take it to Tribunal and you will need to give your reason why you didn’t attend the assessment. If the Tribunal accept your reasons for not attending and rule in your favour then your file will be returned to the health assessment providers and another face to face assessment will be arranged. Once this is completed the report will be returned to DWP and a decision will be made.

    You will not be paid any ESA while you wait for the Tribunal.

    Regarding what you claim while you’ll wait wil depend on your circumstances. You mention carers allowance and SDP. Do you claim SDP because you live alone or classed as living alone? Or does someone claim carers allowance for looking after you? 


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