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Zero assistance from Adult Care Services

MarkmywordsMarkmywords Member Posts: 421 Pioneering
I'm currently off sick, recovering from a hip replacement due to the degenerative conditions that I have. I already live alone with no-one to call on and that is scary enough. So I asked the council for some help until I was back on my feet. The first point of call unit said I would get an assessment.
Three terrifying weeks spent alone later I received two separate A4 sized envelopes filled with pamphlets of all the services that allegedly they operate that I obviously wasn't going to be allowed to access!
The future is going to be a horrifying place for all disabled people. :s
Still as long as Amazon, Facebook and Google only pay tax in the U.S. then everything is alright in the world . . . isn't it ?


  • MisscleoMisscleo Member Posts: 646 Pioneering
    But they havnt said you wont get them, have they?
    They msy be waiting for you to get intouch and tell them which of the goodies in those leaflets are going to be of use to you.
    Have you asked them for anything yet?
  • katiesymonkatiesymon Member Posts: 59 Connected
    I understand what you are saying. I have attended groups that advertise assistance and once there, the links are non-existent or they don't want to say. Is there a charity online group you could contact for support ? It depends what you feel you need, is it house support ? or company ? Grocery delivery ? maybe you could throw some ideas at us and we can mull it over for you.
  • MarkmywordsMarkmywords Member Posts: 421 Pioneering
    No the First Point office in my county passes the request to the appropriate team. They then make an appointment for their assessor.
    It's too late now anyway. I've improved unusually well, thank goodness, and next week is week six when I can drive again. Without grocery deliveries I'd have starved. If I'd fallen and caused damage who knows what would have happened?
    As it was, I went without a few meals and I had to make rather distasteful use of a bucket a few times :(
    The only option would be a private care company and who has the money for that?
    All I needed was 7-10 days where someone could check on me and perhaps bung in some "ping" food.
    It's only going to get worse. Even primary care workers now just shrug at the minimal service they give.
  • katiesymonkatiesymon Member Posts: 59 Connected
    edited June 2019
    Got it ! Yes, I'm sure. One of our tenants broke his hip with a bone density problem luckily found by a concerned boss the next day after all night in a stairwell. I couldn't imagine total disability but in my illness had to resort to something very similar so empathise with you there. Certainly it is a service many could do with that helping hand once in a while. There are so many living independently these days. Like myself and obviously yourself. 
  • MarkmywordsMarkmywords Member Posts: 421 Pioneering
    Hospital discharge assistance is one of their pamphlets. The truth is that what they actually deliver is . . . pamphlets !
  • katiesymonkatiesymon Member Posts: 59 Connected
    Lol I know I hear you. I was in a work support group for the ill had lovely brochures
  • Adrian_ScopeAdrian_Scope Testing team Posts: 7,998

    Scope community team

    Hello @Markmywords, I'm really sorry to read you received such little support when you needed it following your hip replacement. It's good to head you've been recovering quicker than expected, I bet you're keen to get back behind the wheel again!
    Senior Community Partner
  • MarkmywordsMarkmywords Member Posts: 421 Pioneering
    Absolutely @Adrian_Scope . Next week is week six following the surgery and I can drive again! I've not left the house in all that time.
    Fortunately I've been able to (and financially obliged to) work from home.
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